Comments on Hu Jiaqi’s Open Letter to Leaders of Human

March 14 01:30 2019

Hu Jiaqi, an anthropologist who has devoted himself to the study of human destiny for 40 years, repeatedly sent open letters to leaders of various countries and the UN Secretary-General, stating the reasons that the continued development of science and technology will surely exterminate humanity. To avoid the extinction of human, people must unite together and firmly restrict the continued development of science and technology. At the same time, Hu Jiaqi calls on human leaders to shoulder the sacred duty of saving humanity. This sounds like an ant trying to shake a big tree in many people’s eyes. However, after understanding the twists and turns, we can read the sense of responsibility for the crisis of survival, the sense of responsibility to save humanity, and the hardships during the swimming upstream making people feel a little tragic.

Having read Mr. Hu Jiaqi’s The Greatest Question and Save Humanity, from which I can benefit a lot. These books show a comprehensive, systematic and rigorous argument that the development of human society has made an overall mistake in direction. It is time for us to carefully examine, scientifically adjust and act decisively. These books not only raise questions, but also suggest ways to solve problems. His research result serve as a strong warning, besides, it also has a pioneering significance for the mankind facing crisis and the development of human society.

Hu Jiaqi pointed out, “Science and technology are the cornerstone of human civilization and human survival and happiness. From a long-term point of view, the rational development of science and technology has irreplaceable positive significance, even decisive significance, to the overall survival of mankind. However, in the era of rapid development of science and infinite expansion of destructive power, we should limit the development of science and technology.” While the whole world is immersed in the feverish revelry of scientific development, Hu Jiaqi keeps a rare sober and calm, and sees the disasters that the irrational development of science and technology will bring to mankind.

Earlier, Mr.Hu Jiaqi had written three open letters to human leaders. Nowadays, a fourth open letter is also being planned, which is given the powers to influence the giants of mankind to change the world. The reporter of Green Companies once interviewed Mr. Jiaqi Hu, “Will this letter surely be received?” “I can’t promise, but I want to mail it. I often do such things, this is the only thing in my life and it will be delivered someday in my lifetime.” Hu Jiaqi said with calm facial expression。

It’s probably that we all should seriously consider the warning of this seemingly “alarmist” science maniac.

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