Philip Rothschild Officially Released the Cryptocurrency AFCOIN

March 14 01:18 2019

On February 22, 2019, Philip Rothschild officially launched AFCOIN, referred to as AF, with a total of 700 million issued. AFCOIN is mainly based on the cryptocurrency of the whole industry application, non-traditional digital currency, will reach 100 to 300 entities + Internet landing application in August 2019.

AF Digital Foundation as project sponsor, Philip Rothschild as chairman, Evelyn Rothschild as senior consultant, Warren Buffett (2.773%) as strategic investor, Peter Park as CEO General Mills (2.414%) and Edmond Rothschild (5.079%).

The Rothschild family is a long-established financial family in Europe and the world. It was born in the early 19th century and its founder was Mayer Rothschild. He and his five sons, Roche Five Tigers, opened banks in famous European cities such as London, France, Paris, Austria, Vienna, Frankfurt, Germany and Naples.

In 2007, a “currency war” made most people know about the Rothschild family, but the general public’s understanding of them is limited to the surface form. This family with more than 200 years of history is said to be It has a wealth of $50 trillion. What kind of concept is this? 50 trillion is equivalent to the total assets of more than 900 Gates or Buffett.

AFCOIN is headquartered in the headquarters of Rothschild Bank in London, England. At this point, investors finally realized that a digital currency born less than one month, why there are so many big-name companies willing to cooperate with them, can not do without the power of this family.

The first AFCOIN Rothschild Investment Application Seminar was held in London, England, in August 2019. 2019-2029, the Rothschild family will become the king of cryptocurrencies.

AFCOIN co-brands: IKEA, Metro, ARCTERYX, alexandre de paris, Ferrero, Toscani, Disney, World Bank, Asia Fund, Cat Way Eagle, Starbucks, Lotte, KFC, Tuniu, 7-11, Psychic Jewelry, Chanel, Converse, Tiffany, Nestle, Reebok, Henkel, Piano Cabinet, United, Amazon, Sony, Tencent, Gray Advertising, Volkswagen Beetle, Pepsi, De Beers Diamond, Peugeot, Asian Property Development PCL, Haagen-Dazs, Betty Chef, Surely, Hulk, Wanchai Wharf, Weibang, CCTV, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Geely Auto, Mercedes, Volvo, Tyson Food, JBS, L’Oreal, Philip Morris International, Danone, Kraft Heinz, British American Tobacco, Mondelez, Heineken, ADM, Altria, Suntory, Asahi, Diageo, Colgate, Rolls Royce, Giorgio Armani, Tudor, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Princess Yacht, Gieves & Hawkes, Pearl River Piano, Chow Sang Sang, Lee Kum Kee, Cheung Kong Holdings, Burberry, Czech Mall, Mail (11 landing applications without AF itself) A total of 87 landing applications.

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