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September 11 11:35 2018

In the 21st Century, the ever increasing pressure of work demands, low-nutrients & pesticide-laden foods, polluted environment have contributed to stress, leading to chronic fatigue. Good quality sleep has become a scarce commodity with many experiencing “tired all day” and “up all night”. The symptoms tend to be easily dismissed by your doctor as “anxiety and depression”. If left untreated, this can lead to a major health concern known as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. 8BioEnergy seems to be fulfilling this gap; they are rolling out exclusive solutions to keep the body energy level intact and fit.

8BioEnergy is providing nutritional means to solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety and Depression, and other health challenges.  This is especially common amongst those who are 50+.  The company was started to help transform health safety and effectiveness through nutrition.

Rooted in chronic stress, in 21st century, many have found themselves having  chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms which include symptoms such as sleepless night/ anxiety, chronic fatigue/ always tired, leaky gut (sensitivities to food ingredients such as gluten), brain fog, and depression/ low motivation. Those with these chronic fatigue symptoms found themselves unable to have good quality rest, no matter how tired they feel. This has lead to reduced work efficiency, restricted physical activeness and compromised relationship with spouses, friends and children. Many have chosen a less stressful career pathway and in extreme cases, many are bed-bound/ unable to get out of bed. 

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Although the definite cause is still inconclusive, many speculate the roots of this condition to be trauma/ prolonged stress. However, this illness is certainly beyond psychological. Approved mainstream medical approaches to deal with the condition are Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) have blindsided patients’ need for extra nutritional support.

8bioenergy wants to fulfill this gap for and has come up with a solution to support the health performance of chronic fatigue patients through nutrition. 8BioEnergy will also guide patients with required dietary & lifestyle tips to ensure effective & holistic interventions.

According to the company, to get on top off your chronic fatigue symptoms, one needs an integrative approach to health (treating the body as a whole). After all, the body consists of a number of organs & systems whose interactions are complex. Beyond psychological things you can do to support your health such as stress-management, one definitely needs to pay attention to the quality of their diet to ensure they’re nourishing their body optimally.

8bioenergy has been able to help people fight chronic fatigue that has made their life unbearable and desiring a healthy difference. The result so far has been very good and promising. Different patients with chronic fatigue challenge have tried out her solution and gave very good reviews and recommendations.

With 8BioEnergy, no more suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. 8BioEnergy is giving a quality assurance of providing a lasting solution to it. All Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression, Sleepless Night Problems are solved by 8BioEnergy.

About 8BioEnergy:

8BioEnergy is a Health Solution Providing Company. The company provides chronic fatigue solutions which manifest in anyone, either young or aged.  It’s the company’s mission to advance the knowledge of medicinal nutrition for the betterment of the lives of many throughout the globe. 

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