True Tamplin: Keynote Speaker Taking Los Angeles By Surprise

September 11 08:13 2018
True Tamplin is a keynote motivational speaker in Los Angeles and author of the #1 bestselling book Raising An Executive
When True was 13 years old, his father Ken Tamplin was offered to be the lead singer for Journey. There was one small catch – he’d have to sign a 5 year touring contract, leaving his kids during some very transformational years. 
He decided to turn down the contract and chose to be a father instead. 
This propelled True to have a lot of successes early on in life. He covered the local newspaper for soccer, gave his grad speech, got a full-ride scholarship, maintained a 4.0 gpa throughout college, started his own SEO company, and became a keynote speaker in Los Angeles and #1 bestselling author all by the age of 22.
In his keynote speeches, he asks the same question every time: would any of these early successes happened had his dad chosen to be a rockstar over being a father?

This is true of every parent, and for that reason, parents should spend less time strategizing on how to overcome it, and more time finding quality mentors to relay the same things that they would like their son to know.

Not a chance. 

In True’s keynote speeches, he also loves including takeaways for the audience that both entertain and teach. Let’s take a look at a couple examples:
In this article, True goes over what he terms “The Charlie Brown Effect.” You know – the one that causes Charlie Brown to hear his teacher say “Wuw wah wuw wah wuah wuah.” 
Every father has experienced trying to drill something into his son. Then one day, almost like clockwork, the son has the epiphany of the exact thing his dad has been telling him, because someone else told him
Another principle is chapter 2 of his book, “Even if it’s ping pong.” This principle says that fathers should be pushing their sons to excellence, but not deciding the exact path for them – that’s up to the son’s desires and skillset. “Even if it’s ping pong” is a quote from True’s father saying that he’ll help True pursue whatever he wants, even if its’ ping pong. 
All too often, executive fathers are forcing their will on their sons, instead of empowering them.
Imagine True at your next Los Angeles event as the keynote speaker offering these lessons, infused with stories that keep the crowd roaring. 
No doubt, as a motivational speaker True spends most of his time convicting the crowd to spend more time with their kids, but understanding phenomenons like “The Charlie Brown Effect” and principles like “Even if it’s ping pong” give practical takeaways that the audience can begin acting on today.
Once again, True Tamplin is a keynote speaker in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re interested to have him be your keynote or motivational speaker at your next Los Angeles event, visit his motivational speaker Los Angeles page for more information:
For more info about True’s book: Raising An Executive

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