Major changes that the Matocol protocol will bring to the e-commerce industry

September 11 07:40 2018

Matocol protocol, an e-commerce solution based on blockchain technology, has become an Internet craze. It is said that it will solve the problems of traditional e-commerce platforms. Let’s analyze what will happened to the e-commerce DAPP based on the Matocol Protocol.

1) Long-term retention of merchants and consumers: Matocol Protocol is an underlying Protocol for decentralized e-commerce platform, which can make merchants and consumers feel the obvious difference from traditional e-commerce. For merchants, operating on traditional e-commerce platforms requires a large amount of promotion fees to obtain more consumer traffic. Besides, they need to pay much to the platform for commissions, cash withdrawal fees and platform maintenance fees. For consumers, they have also been victimized indirectly by the loss of interest from merchants, some of whom are trying to increase their profits by raising their prices or producing and selling products of lower quality. In the long and intensified squeeze, merchants and consumers are trying to change platforms for several times, but failed. Matocol Protocol will completely break this situation.  Matocol Protocol enables the new e-commerce platform to provide a P2P network environment for merchants and consumers. Merchants have a high profit margin while consumers can enjoy good shopping experience. Therefore, it is helpful for the long-term retention of merchants and consumers on the platform.

2) Higher efficiency of platform event handling: Matocol Protocol proposes to involve all consumers and merchants in the governance and maintenance of the platform, which subverts the centralized management of traditional e-commerce platforms and greatly improves the efficiency of platform. In traditional electric business platform, if consumers want to propose right protection, the first thing is to communicate with the merchants. Negotiation failure will cause the involvement of the platform service. Adding the time to collect the relevant evidence and wait for the result, it may need 3 ~ 15 working days for the whole process. Most buyers prefer to give up rather than ask for help from the platform. E-commerce DApp, based on the Matocol Protocol, allows each transaction to be recorded on the blockchain. The information is open, transparent and traceable, making the e-commerce platform more efficient.

3) More stable and harmonious market environment: E-commerce should be mutual beneficial for consumers and merchants, but the traditional e-commerce platform makes the interests of consumers and merchants hostile. Matocol Protocols encourage merchants to provide good consumer service rather than pay the platforms for advertising to increase the ranking of their stores. The higher the store rating is, the better the position of store is. Matocol Protocol equals the rights and interests of consumers and merchants, so that merchants can’t use paid promotion to enhance their own competitiveness. Therefore, it will be more fair among merchants.

It can be seen that Matocol Protocol can build a mediating, open and transparent operating environment for the global e-commerce platform. Matocol will create a decentralized review system to together the three parties and maintain their interests.

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