New children’s book with a noble cause making waves on Amazon – official book launch to take place mid-September

September 11 06:08 2018
“Let’s Eat Together” by Reid Kaplan is a new children’s book which stresses on the importance of eating together for families to cement inclusiveness despite differences. The book is also tied to a social cause within communities of feeding the underprivileged.

Trumbull, CT – September 11, 2018 – A new children’s book is taking Amazon by storm with its social cause. Titled “Let’s Eat Together”, the book aims to fulfill the author’s goal of feeding 100 families by Thanksgiving and 250 families before Christmas. Penned by film-maker, children’s book author and doting dad Reid Kaplan, the book aims to instill the values of inclusiveness and togetherness in today’s busy intolerant world by inspiring families to “eat together”. 

Already a bestseller on Amazon, “Let’s Eat Together” will officially launch on September 16, 2018, at 12 p.m., at The Redding Roadhouse, 406 Redding Rd, Redding, CT. The event will include a book signing, reading, giveaways and more. The hard copy and audio version of the book are available on Amazon and the book’s official website.

“Around 795 million people around the world today are suffering from starvation. We, who have the access to basic food to lead a daily active life, should consider ourselves fortunate. Most importantly, as responsible citizens it’s our duty to stand by the side of our fellow brothers and sisters worldwide who are starving due to their lack of food daily. My new book ‘Let’s Eat Together’ echoes the same spirit and I am looking forward to make the world a better place for those suffering from this food crisis with your generous support”, stated Kaplan while talking about the social cause held up by his book.

To participate in the author’s social goal, all one needs to do is buy a copy of his book. The author will then donate a portion of every book sold towards his overall goal of feeding the hungry. Furthermore, when you purchase the hardcover book on the author’s website, you will have the additional option of donating $2.00, which equates to one extra meal and supporting the author’s worthy vision.

“Let’s Eat Together” champions the age-old tradition of “eating together” with family which plays a key role in binding a family together – despite their differences. The book depicts the story of different animal characters from all walks of life as they come together to partake in a meal where there is adequate food for all. For the moment, they forget chasing after one another and happily sit with the others to share the food. Mr. Kaplan wishes to convey the same message to modern human society through his new book. 

According to the author, it’s the disconnected nature of modern families and their isolated eating arrangements, which are aggravating divisions and intolerance in the world. Research shows it is healthy and important for families to share a meal together which eventually helps them to bind together.

“Yes, it’s a busy world today, but I still feel that families should try to eat together at least once a week. We need to stop isolating and start conversing again no matter how different we are. I have used the symbolism of the animal world to convey the same message.

The impact of pop culture and technology on our children and families is becoming more and more noticeable every day. These influences have contributed to a growing divide and blurs the lines between the traditional roles that parents and their children once played. So, what is missing that was always there? I believe its communication and eating meals together. People eat together less and less today, which means we don’t converse or bond with our families and loved ones the way we used to. Some traditions are not meant to fade, and this is one of them.” 

“Let’s Eat Together” also promotes the importance of healthy diet for the whole family for fitness and overall well-being.

The book has received rave reviews on Amazon:

This book features adorable illustrations of animals who are all different from each other. This is a great book to read to children and discuss that even though we are all different, we can all get along and be friends.” 

“A modern-day nursery tale that focuses on the concept of sharing and caring for each other in a community setting. A delightful story, with vibrant and beautiful illustrations that will quickly capture every child’s attention.” 

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