World’s First Dual-Token Blockchain Project AntToken Unveiled to Mark a New Era of Cryptoeconomics

September 11 05:34 2018

The U.S. blockchain project “AntToken (Ant Pass)”, which conforms to the Global Business Alliance plan, was unveiled recently to mark the beginning of global dual-token economy. The project is now in its Beta stage and its wallet APP will be officially launched in mid-September. AntToken will soon join the Global Business Alliance. At that time, AntToken will be displayed on the big screen at “Crossroads of the World”, NASDAQ of America, highlighting the  innovation of the international blockchain project.

AntToken developers said that the launch of the AntToken aims to solve problems of market based on  the current ecosystem of customer and business. From the perspective of a customer, slow transfer speed, valueless storage assets, high and cumbersome transaction fees, belated withdraw deposit, high risk of security, inconvenience of saving the large number of digital currency, and many other problems exist in the market. As for the merchant, traditional enterprises have many problems, such as large inventory, high cost, limited sales channels and difficult access to users. Traditional businesses are in a state of fighting a lone battle, and companies, directors, executives, employees, users are all fragmented.

Therefore, AntToken proposed to build a global business alliance to store all the world’s digital currency in a blockchain mall. With the help of VR panorama technology, social chat in block chain, entertainment, decentralized exchange and other functions and advantages through the lightning fast payment transfer, AntToken will completely remove all problems and  ensure sharing and a win-win situation for all.

It is reported that AntToken is aimed to create a secure, efficient and transparent system of economic application, allowing merchants and users to form a community of interests. At the same time, AntToken is not a company in the traditional sense, as it took a giant leap forward – from being a digital asset trading platform to a community. AntToken community is an open and transparent, token-based organization, and it represents the legitimate rights and interests of its business alliance.

In addition to that, AntToken has innovated the Token designing scheme and launched the dual-token economy. The white paper shows that first of all,  the Ant Token constant was issued 200 million times, and the price is fixed. Secondly, the ANT Coin has the limited number of 5 billion pieces and will be dug up in 15 years.

It is reported that AntToken uses the mode that holding AntToken (hereinafter referred to as AT) has rights to enjoy the dividend. The merchant will distribute part of the proceeds to AT holders in accordance with the proportion of holding AT. The more people hold AT, the more rights and interest people own. In addition o that, each AT holder has the right to participate in community activities such as business decisions and team elections. AntToken is a community-based organization that is owned, governed, and shared by all AT holders and affiliate merchants.

Industry experts said that the blockchain technology is still in the early stage. A variety of technical solutions, application scenarios and business models need to be further explored and improved. From a commercial perspective, AntToken, as a product of innovation based on blockchain technology, has burst into vigorous vitality. In the “blockchain economy and ecology”, the reconstruction of AntToken and the performance of new production relations are highly anticipated.

As a pioneer and preacher of the pass economy, the dual-token economy constructed by AntToken and the creation of a global business alliance have attracted much attention since its inception. Today, AntToken is being tested, which undoubtedly push the thought that enterprise business and users form a community of interests, business owners do not worry about selling, users can buy products to enjoy discount and equity dividends. This not only marks its new journey to create a global business alliance, but also signifies that the dual-token economic model is being methodically applied to the ground.

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