Who is the most popular streamer of the PUBG type mobile game in China?

September 11 04:52 2018

From August 2 to August 31, the first PUBG type mobile game Carry Streamer was successfully held by xiaohulu planet and overseas FanX foundation. In the last month, under the call of 959 PUBG Streamers, 262,019 fans participated in this activity and contributed 2,682,740 effective support. At last 10 winners standed out of crowd. The top 3 streamers even got the chance to show their sucess, on the screen of the New York’ time square.Congratulations, Champion BuQiuRen, runner-up DK-WanYu and the bronze XiaoKouJiao.

Here is an introduction to the top ten Streamers:

NO. 1 BuQiuRen

streaming platformHuya

BuQiuRen,one of the most popular kings of the PUBG type mobile game today. He has the title of “seeking the instructor” and “the big devil”, and his strength is praised.

NO. 2 DK-WanYu

streaming platformHuya

DK-WanYu, 17-year-old genius, is the sniper of DKG streamer team, and is also a new star worthy of attention in the future.

NO. 3 XiaoKouJiao

streaming platformKuaishou

A tall and handsome dimple teenager, has a high game talent, from the ball to the PUBG, all kinds of mobile games are handy.

NO. 4 DK-DongJi

streaming platformHuya

He was the NO.1 in single row S1/S2 two seasons of the PUBG type mobile game, the captain and commander of DKG team, and he is also the passer-by in the streamers.

NO. 5 QiGuai

streaming platformHuya

The well-known streamer, nowadays, with his super high game operation and funny talking style, the number of live online viewers in a short period of six months is easily broken by one million.He is good at both the game and learning, it can be said that he is a good example for fans.

NO. 6 MeiShiJia

streaming platformKuaishou

One of the popular streamers of Kuaishou, and has more than 9 million fans so far. It seems that there is no game that can stump him, so he also has the title of “all-round player.”

NO. 7 SaoPiPi

streaming platformHuya

The NO.1 Mini of the national service, the single-point king of the PUBG, the founder of the automatic company, the gunmanship is horrible, whether it is a large game or a live broadcast, with superb gun technology, no one can stop him.

NO. 8 Xiao Mu

streaming platformKuaishou

In addition to the humorous live broadcast style, he also teaches a variety of skills and bodyworks in the live broadcast. Pure three-finger operation. It lasted for 19 days for the first time to complete mass graves in this game. His highest record is 36 wins to “eat chicken”.

NO. 9 XiaoAi

streaming platformKuaishou

He can make you laugh with a funny live broadcast, and also can surprise you by the difficult gameplay. Can be more than a cute young steamer.

NO. 10 YuXuan

streaming platformHuya

The boy is handsome, and the temperament is good, the hands look good, and the voice sounds nice. Great God-level listening, good at six times the pressure gun, suitable for a variety of positions.

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