The Safest and Quickest Way of Sharing Documents – File Request Pro Launched

March 13 22:14 2019

Document management software developers at File Request Pro have recently launched, new software and service that will offer intuitive, reliable and secure file sharing solution that will allow users to create OneDrive file request links or embeddable forms that go straight to their Google Drive or OneDrive account. The File Request Pro software systems will make the process of sharing files easy, dependable and cost-effective.

The developers of the service understand the hassle of sharing documents through email that lead to a disorganized mailbox. The File Request Pro is specially designed to keep files out of the inbox and automatically organized. The smart and intuitive software directs all the uploaded files straight to the user designated folder in their cloud storage. This saves users the time and energy that they previously wasted on organizing and searching for files. “We have designed File Request Pro to help you avoid the cumbersome task of tracking down email attachments so you can email them to your clients. We know that this creates a mess in your inbox. File Request Pro will help you keep your email inboxes clean. Our system works great for your clients too because you can easily invite your customers and prospects to upload documents and they won’t even need to download a program or register at yet another service.”

The software development firm also released the Google Drive File Request Pro service tariff that includes different packages to suit different needs. The company is also offering a demo service for clients who want to experience the effectiveness and reliability of the service before buying a subscription. The system is designed to be easy to set up to ensure that users are able to benefit from secure file sharing services as quickly as possible. The company strives to provide superior service; they have put together a dedicated and professional support team, who was also actively involved in product development and are highly knowledgeable about the system.

About File Request Pro

File Request Pro was built out of a need to receive files from customers in a secure way, not having them floating around everyone’s inboxes, and keep them organized. The developers of File Request Pro have been building software for clients since 2011. As a small yet profitable business, they are able to focus on every customer, as they are a valuable asset to the company.

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