HOANG BAO DENTAL makes history as Dr. Hoang Vu Hanh tops class at gIDE Dental Institute

March 13 21:39 2019

Leading dental expert and owner of HOANG BAO DENTAL, Dr. Hoang Vu Hanh, becomes the best overall at the 2018 Master Clinician Program of the gIDE Dental Institute

HOANG BAO DENTAL is one of the leading dental practices in the whole of Vietnam and has helped to not only bring smiles to the faces of the people in the different parts of Vietnam but has also helped to build their self-confidence and ultimately help them become better persons. The practice under the leadership of Dr. Hoang Vu Hanh has again reiterated its goal of providing the best possible services to clients as the dentist recently backed another award, emerging as the best overall at the 2018 Master Clinician Program of the gIDE Dental Institute.

The mouth is definitely one of the most important parts of the body and with dental health tied to the general wellbeing of an individual due to the strategic location of the mouth, it has become imperative for people to take their mouth seriously. Unfortunately, there are not too many practices that offer the kind of services to meet the needs of clients as their services are either exorbitantly priced or do not meet the required standard. This is where Dr. Hoang Vu Hanh and his team at HOANG BAO DENTAL CLINIC have been able to make a huge difference in recent times.

The clinic has grown to become one of the most sought-after dental practices in the whole of Vietnam. This can be largely attributed to the wide range of premium quality services delivered by well-trained and highly experienced hands, one of which is the multi award-winning Dr. Hoang Vu Hanh, who recently completed the 2018 Master Clinician Program of the gIDE Dental Institute as the overall best in the class.

Some of the services offered by the practice include treatment of Sensitive teeth, Gum treatment, and Implants replacement of several teeth. HOANG BAO DENTAL Clinic also offers Orthodontics and maintenance of dental implants, dental occlusion, bleaching, filling, and other amazing dental solutions with accumulating experiences in organizing and treatment, equipping the modern machinery and devices that follow international standards.

More information about HOANG BAO DENTAL Clinic and the innovative dental solutions offered can be found on the website.


HOANG BAO DENTAL is a leading dental clinic that has been designed and built to follow the standards of international dentistry to meet increasing aesthetic demand for dental treatment of customers. The practice provides the most perfect services with the oral care program for families, office workers, and routine dental care to clients.

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