Tina Walczak On Taking a Design Approach to Female Leadership

March 13 21:34 2019

Kelowna, BC – Sharing ideas is the foundation of TEDx events, but a recent iteration of the popular conferences took a spin in its format. For the first year, an all-female panel of speakers were selected to present on the topic “Civitas,” meaning citizenship and shared experience. Although the speakers were from a wide range of disciplines, their talks coalesced to provide a unique opportunity for discussion and collaboration.

Speaking on the lack of women in leadership roles, Tina Walczak — Chief Design Officer at Hiilite and Vice President of Kelowna Women in Business — took the stage to share her experiences as a creative designer and business leader.

Tina shared three steps that she took to connect with other women in the global creative community: reaching out, participating, and inviting others into your community. Each of these steps, Tina states, “apply to anyone looking to connect to their tribe.”

Walking through these steps, Tina asked the audience to pull out their phones and reach out to someone who inspires them. She provided a simple message for the audience members to send off: “Dear ____, you inspire me, and I appreciate you. Do you have a minute for a conversation?”

“I want you guys to think of introverts, and people who have a really hard time reaching out — especially the creative type. We have this thing called ‘imposter syndrome’ where we think we’re never good enough and that is a really hard place to be, and, I hate to say it, but it never goes away.”
— Tina Walczak

As a forum that encourages women to share their experiences and foster communities around them, organizers of this TEDx event intend to continue holding the conference.

Encouraging women to develop their own communities and take on leadership roles, Tina Walczak maintains her stance that everyone can contribute towards this movement: “it’s our job as a community to forge the next generation of female leaders.”


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