New Public Pedophile Register Built on Blockchain Under Development

March 13 21:30 2019
Permanent Uncensorable Child Sex Offender Register Under Development

A new child sex offender register is currently being developed using Blockchain technology. The database will act like any other publicly searchable sex offender register. However, using Blockchain adds some important features which differentiate this register from anything else before.

Key features of PEDOChain are decentralization, immutability, publicly accessible and open-source. Similar projects in the past such as BitTorrent, and more recently Bitcoin, have demonstrated the power of such features which essentially grant immunity from any government control or censorship. Creator Neville Pettersson says “Too many state-run sex offender registers in the past have been hamstrung by regulations and controls. It’s time people took back control and did it ourselves the way we want it”. He continues “Blockchain is a disruptive revolutionary technology. It is going to change so many industries and take power away from traditional oligarchic institutions”.

Once launched, anyone will be able to access it and add new information. People will be able to add images, court documents, news and media links and anything else about an offender. Pettersson says, “It’s going to be like Wikipedia, but in the cloud. Public free access and the ability for the public to add information is a key aspect of the project”.

The project is strictly not-for-profit which Pettersson says is important to ensure PEDOChain stays decentralized. He states, “Once the code is released and nodes are running it is important that no one, including myself, is able to control or manipulate the blockchain. We’re not doing an ICO. This isn’t a typical crypto pump-and-dump project. This project is more important than any one person, Government or Country”.

Pettersson is critical of the way various jurisdictions don’t make criminal conviction records publicly accessible. He says “Most countries operate open and transparent court trials, but that is where the openness ends sadly. Anyone trying to get a criminal conviction record or information, later on, comes up against a wall of bureaucracy. Trying to get a criminal conviction for someone is often costly, time-consuming or even sometimes not even possible. Why did the openness suddenly stop? Law-abiding citizens who keep their own databases or records of offenders are often seen as vigilantes or unlawful. This is wrong. Blockchain is the perfect platform for storing criminal records. I’m starting with the worst one’s first, but there’s nothing stopping Blockchain eventually being used for all criminal records globally”.

Pettersson has previously helped manage the Offender Database for the Sensible Sentencing Trust in New Zealand. He comments, “While managing the SST database, I’ve seen how important such a resource is for the public, and also the weaknesses of maintaining centralized control”.

The project is still getting off the ground and looking for funding. Donations are currently being accepted through the website.

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