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December 17 16:55 2018

In the early 1990s, advertisements could only be black and white newspapers or broadcasts erected in the crowd. In the early 1990s, the form of advertisements was diversified. With colored newspapers, colored cameras, and colored televisions, people wanted If you want to know what happened in the outside world, you will be able to communicate through the only information channels, such as the hottest radio at that time. Opportunities will open the radio at the restaurant and listen to the major news about the outside world today. Over time, the form of advertising has now become more diverse. Especially in the 21st century, people are no longer limited to a certain form of listening. The rise of the Internet can be said to change the way everyone lives. It has also driven the development of this era. It can be clearly stated that the development of the Internet is also a change in this era, and it may affect people’s lives.

Sichuan One&Two Image Culture Communication Co., Ltd (referred to as: One and Two Media) is the first opportunity to seize the Internet. His founder was originally a reporter of the newspaper, but later with the rise of new media, With the day-to-day decline of the paper media, he resolutely chose to set up the media company because he clearly knows that this is an online era, and people’s daily lives can be solved without leaving home, let alone a business. Development, often when we sit down and discuss, One and Two Media founder Jiang Erji will jokingly say: “Advertising should be a thing of my life.” It seems to be a casual word, but it tells One and For many years, Two Media has been adhering to its main business and steadily moving forward in corporate culture.

Known as “the father of modern marketing” Philip Kotler’s famous saying: The purpose of marketing is to find and meet the needs. The purpose of advertising is increasingly tending to convey a spirit, a corporate culture, gathering people who pursue the same as our company, and then pass on my ideas and spread them. “I am Chen Ou, I speak for myself, and gather beautiful products.” Jumeiyou is not the first online company to try to advertise in traditional media such as TV. As a cosmetics website company, the first choice is female and young. Most of the women’s mangoes are playing advertisements. In addition, they choose to display their own websites in the fonts of changing colors on the homepage of Sogou, 360, etc., and achieve their marketing purposes through traditional advertisements and Internet advertisements.

Talking about the secret of making bigger and stronger enterprises, One and Two Media founder Jiang Erer said: I was concerned about the Internet 15 years ago. At that time, there was no Taobao, no new media, and no APP. We went to Sohu. BBS, Tianya Forum, then we have to spread one thing is to rely on the forum, the forum gathers popularity, promotes a product or a person will interact with many netizens, feels special real, time has passed, although the road is getting wider and wider, but now the road is getting wider and wider, but The things that have been done have not changed, so I have been moving in this direction. “Innovation is the only way out for future development. Focusing on one thing does not mean sticking to the rules. On the contrary, One and Two Media Developed and grown in formal innovation.

At the beginning, we also traditionally advertised to corporate customers, such as newspapers, such as online media, as well as promotional films and micro-movie films. Later, we found that you can’t always be limited to these kinds of businesses. You have to constantly strive for excellence in this range. At the same time, innovation and innovation, that is to do more advertising business, we have attached overseas media to publish, foreign media release, New York Times Square big screen Reuters screen, Nasdaq big screen, as well as song promotion, video promotion, micro Bo, WeChat promotion, personal interviews, etc., and each holiday will launch a corresponding package for different customer needs, because after a lot of things, we deeply know that if one layer is unchanged, it will die very badly, and finally may even The bones were not found. Over the years, One and Two Media has been committed to continuous product innovation, to expand the flow of information, to make the advertising business as perfect as possible, every year will be progressive according to the changes in the Internet information age, always at the forefront of the same industry Always keep One and Two Media a new life.

In terms of resource channels, as an advertiser, it is definitely desirable for the party that cooperates with itself to have a high cost performance, and as far as possible to meet the needs of various aspects of publicity and promotion. The scope of advertising is wide-ranging and comprehensive, and to a certain extent, less flowers. Money is the best promotion; as the media side, it is certain that the first cooperation is the first-hand channel, and then the solution is so good, the price is unmatched, One and Two Media has always been the credibility of the first, Sometimes even if you just pay for it, you won’t be tired.

From the development of BAT advertising, we can see that mobileization and contentization represent the current trends of the Internet. Advertising is still the main means of realizing global Internet companies. According to statistics, advertising is still the main source of income for Internet companies with the top ten global market capitalization. Jiang Erji said that in the next step, One and Two Media should continue to take advantage of the opportunities brought by the Internet to position brand customers and provide tailor-made promotion solutions for more advertising companies, so that domestic enterprises can be as international as possible and start their own business. The brand, establish a good reputation, let their brand influence the world, this is the ultimate goal of our company to promote the promotion.

Under the current trend of Internet development, I believe that Internet advertising will certainly flourish.

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